Our Presidents Up-Close
John Burke Jovich
Presidential Historian
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What our clients are saying....
Students and the community took a peek into the personal lives and personalities of the American presidents and their first ladies.  John Burke Jovich, an expert on the office of the president of the United States, presented “White House Memories: The Personalities of our Presidents and First Ladies.”

“We were delighted to have such a renowned authority as John Burke Jovich speak at Marshall,” Dr. Alan B. Gould, executive director of Marshall’s John Deaver Academy, said.  “His lecture gave an in-depth look into the Office of the President and the women who have accompanied them."

Gould said the lecture was informal and provided information that might not have been known about the people living in the White House.  

“I believe the lecture helped the audience appreciate them [the presidents and first ladies] as individuals,” Gould said.

"The Country Club of York is pleased to recommend John Burke Jovich as a distinguished speaker.  Mr. Jovich is an exciting speaker that is a sell-out every time he has been at the Club.  Our membership has enjoyed the professionalism and the meaningful content of Mr. Jovich’s lectures as well as his ability to entertain and answer questions from the audience.  If you are looking to increase attendance at your events sign up Mr. Jovich." 
          ... Thomas M. Czaus, I, CCM, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager

Marshall University
Country Club of York
Waynesburg College
"From our students, you received particularly high praise." 
          ... Jeffrey A. Kisner, PH.D
Union City (Tennessee) Rotary Club
"It has been a long time since the members of the Union City Rotary Club have given such an ovation to the speaker . . . we must have you back!"
           ... Dr. Charles Denaburg
Hanover (Pennsylvania) Area Historical Society
"Mr. Jovich is extremely professional, prompt, very well-prepared, and very well-spoken."
           ...Vivian Cullison