Our Presidents Up-Close
John Burke Jovich
Presidential Historian
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John's Published Credits
  1.  “William McKinley’s Death 77 Years Ago.”  Poland (OH) Clarion.
  2.  “Old ‘Rough and Ready’ Was Shoddy, Neglectful of Health.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
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  4.  “The Underappreciated Presidency of Gerald Ford.”  York (PA) Sunday News.
  5.  “John Tyler, Frail and Illness-rone, Outlasted His Ailments for 72 Years.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
  6.  “Remembering Ted Kennedy.”  York (PA) Sunday News.
  7.  “Grover Cleveland Secretly Underwnt Cancer Surgery While in Office.”  The Paducah KY) Sun.
  8.  “A Second Chief Executive is Cut Down By an Assassin’s Bullet.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
  9.  “For History’s Sake: Ford, Leavelle and the JFK Assassination.”  Autograph Collector Magazine.
10.  “Franklin Pierce Won the Political Wars, But Lost His Battle With the Bottle.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
11.  “Even U.S. Presidents Play the Name Game.”  York (PA) Daily Record.
12.  “Andrew Jackson: A Fighter Who Took a Lot of Licks.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
13.  “Buffalo Was Not Ashamed to Weep for McKinley.”  The Buffalo (NY) News.
14.  “Theodore Roosevelt: Sickly Youth Became Symbol of Masculinity.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
15.  “Even a Rebel Bullet Couldn’t Stop ‘His Fraudulency.’”  The Paducah (KY) Sun
16.  “Gov. Shafer Helped Reshape State Constitution.”  York (PA) Sunday News.
17.  “’Ike’ Battled Pain From Childhood to White House.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
18.  “Kennedy at 90: What If He’d Survived . . .” York (PA) Sunday News.
19.  “Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Greatness Overcame Polio that Crippled His Body.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
20.  “Millard Fillmore: A Colorless Political Figure, But a Healthy One.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
21.  “Even Jefferson’s Genius Couldn’t Save Him From Illness and Accidents.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
22.  “Why Hubert Humphrey Was the Last Great Democrat.”  York (PA) Sunday News.
23.  “Our Smallest President Overcame Youth’s Maladies to Make a Big Mark on a New Nation.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
24.  “Remembering Lady Bird.”  York (PA) Sunday News
25.  “Herbert Hoover’s Body and Spirit Took Fate’s Blows Without Breaking.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
26.  “’Great Emancipator’ Faced Many Trials, But Health Wasn’t One of Them.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
27.  “History Books Will Regard Ford as Nation’s Healer.”  The (Harrisburg, PA) Patriot-News.
28.  “Chester A. Arthur: A Man of Grand High Style, Good Health, and Anonymity.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
29.  “The Man Who Defeated Tecumseh Felled by Inaugural Day Chill.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
30.  “Who Will Be the New Hero of New Orleans?”  York (PA) Sunday News.
31.  “Ulysses S. Grant: A Man Born to Lead Who Battled Alcoholism, Migraines and Rumors.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
32.  “The Last Smile of William McKinley.”  Buffalo Spree Magazine.
33.  “John F. Kennedy’s Active Life Belied the Ailments He Suffered.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
34.  “Andrew Johnson’s Lot One of Political Enemies and Physical Agony.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
35.  “Lost Love Changed Buchanan.”  York (PA) Daily Record.
36.  “James Monroe: A Man Strong in Physique, Resolve and Statecraft.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
37.  “Remembering Ike on 35th Anniversary of His Death.”  York (PA) Daily Record.
38.  “Martin Van Buren: Short in Stature, Robust in Health.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
39.  “Fit or Fat, Presidents Like Many Americans.”  York (PA) Daily Record.
40.  “William McKinley: Delicate Child Forged into Robust Man By War Died at Assassin’s Hand.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
41.  “First in War, First in Peace, Always in Pain.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
42.  “George W. Bush a Big-League President.”  York (PA) Daily Record.
43.  “Woodrow Wilson: One of the Nation’s Greatest Presidents Lived Life of Constant Agony.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
44.  “Buchanan Had Eye Problems, But Most of His Pain Was Emotional.”  Paducah (KY) Sun.
45.  “’Iron Mike’ Still Is Missed in Congress: Kirwan Fought For Waterway to Revitalize Area.”  Youngstown (OH) Vindicator.
46.  “Warren G. Harding – Beset by Illness and Scandal.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
47.  “A Most Effective President Spent Most of His White House Days in Agony.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
48.  “President Gerald Ford’s Legacy: A Man of Character.”  York  (PA) Sunday News.
49.  “William Howard Taft’s Political Stature Didn’t Match the Physical.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
50.  “By God’s Grace: U.S. Presidents at War.”  York (PA) Daily Record.
51.  “Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Heart Wasn’t as Strong as His Ambition.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
52.  “Benjamin Harrison – A Frigid and Aloof, But Healthy, Figure.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
53.  “A Moment Frozen in American Minds.”  York (PA) Sunday News.
54.  “John Adams: A Life of Physical and Political Strain – All 90 Years of It.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
55.  “’Silent Cal’ Coolidge Died as He Had Lived – Alone.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
56.  “Presidential Love: Chief Executives Were Not Immune to Cupid’s Arrows.”  York (PA) Sunday News
57.  “John Quincy Adams: A Man Blessed With Good Health Who Did as He Pleased.”  The Paducah (KY) Sun.
58.  "Dick Clark on the Day America Lost JFK."  Ezine Articles.​
59.  "The United States Secret Service: Heroes, Villains, or Both?"  Ezine Articles.
60.  "The Vindication of Harold Norman."  Pax Nigerian (Africa) News.
​61.  "Presence of Mind: The Extraordinary 'Mr. Z'."  Ezine Articles.
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Newspaper/Internet/Magazine Features & Quotations
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